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ICONIC is a show produced on YouTube by Simsfreakx2277. It is based on the popular Sims Next Top Model reality TV format. The aim of the show is to find the next greatest icon of the fashion modelling world.


Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Contestants (in order of elimination) Number of contestants Overseas Destination
Cycle 1 March 10th 2012 Lara McDonald Melany Mustard Camilla Winnipeg, Azrah Monteith, Hallie Day, Jennifer Brish, Kimora Davidson, Hazel Brounx 8 Oranjestad, Aruba
Cycle 2 April 11th 2012 Samantha Bestajovsky Varina St. George

Kelly Swalfinger, Eda Stolz, Bettye Simone & Embrey Clark, Kalia Prescott, Van Vanderbooben, Rebecca Farsi, Brielle Jameson

10 Honolulu, Hawaii
Cycle 3 July 19th 2012 Arihana Veitenheimer Taryn Freeman

Raquel Stone, Brenda Marraquexe, Raima Hein, Iiota Newnez, Barzelona Keio, Celeste Crawford & Morgan Black, Mariah Banks, Artemis Kniatt, Jackie Molina, Jennifer Rodale & Melodie Carter

14 Paris, France
Cycle 4 January 3rd 2013 Monique Berry Kate Downton

Jael Zee, Winona Kenia, Alisha White, Debutant van Dungen, Carinne L'Amour, Jolyn Schmidt, Victoria Tatishvili, Sage Parker, Marina Hathaway & Mona Sirrs


Milan, Italy

Cycle 5 May 21st 2013 Neema Mubarak Anna Grantish

Savanna Myers, Rapunzel Eysaldok, Yana Hain, Bei-Su Hong, Chantal Svendsen & Magdalena Sylvia, Edie Sedgwick, Dileyla Knoops, Desiree Linx, Kristin Kherrington, Kyle Gobber

13 Bangkok, Thailand
Cycle 6 February 5th 2014 Esmiralda Haynes Eryn McKeller

Hellena Karolikap, Tamya Jucath, Lizzy Chezka, Savannah Peak & Sikhanyiso Boare, Cashmere Parks, Vika Hwang, Nikka Samuels, Rowan Dustin, Behati "Vulpix" Poraskova


Moscow, Russia

Cycle 7 August 16th 2014 TBA TBA

Eliminated: Chanique Blackwood

Still in the running: Azealia Carter, Chantal van der Vyer, Christelle Taylor, Imogene Smith, Jean Adachi, Laura Kokoszka, Li Ziyi, Makeda Ammnuel Senai, Mikarla Gale, Nsai Gbagho, Vittoria Maspero

12 London, England


  • Did you know... Kimora Davidson of Cycle 1 is the oldest contestant to ever compete in ICONIC, at the age of 24?
  • Did you know... Monique Berry of Cycle 4 is the only winner of ICONIC not to have the highest call out average?
  • Did you know... both Arihana Veitenheimer of Cycle 3 and Kate Downton of Cycle 4 received a first, second, and third call outs in the first three weeks of their respective cycles?
  • Did you know... Monique Berry of Cycle 4 is the youngest contestant to ever compete in ICONIC, at the age of 16?
  • Did you know... In Cycle 1, the top three placers were the only girls to receive first call outs?
  • Did you know... the average age in all cycles of ICONIC, except for Cycle 6, has been 19 years?
  • Did you know... Cycle 1 is the only cycle not to include a double elimination?
  • Did you know... Cycle 3 has the most double eliminations of all 4 cycles, with 2?
  • Did you know... simseriesmaker has had one model in all seasons of ICONIC? (Jennifer Brish, Kalia Prescott, Jennifer Rodale, Debutant van Dungen, Chantal Svendsen, Savannah Peak)
  • Did you know... after makeovers, there were no blond models remaining in Cycle 5?

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